The Best laid plans generally involve SEQUINS……

Gold Sequin Dress

Anyone who knows me knows that if there is one thing I love as much (if not MORE) than Fluffy stuff, it’s *SPARKLY* stuff!

The rise in popularity of the Sequin fabrics has been utter heaven for me, and I knew quite quickly it was something I wanted to incorporate into my work – I mean, who WOULDN’T want to see a teeny tiny Princess bedecked in Sequins making her way down the aisle, right?!?!?

As it stands, my sample Dresses are still very much “Under Construction” but you can see from these sneak peeks that they will be utterly FABULOUS once they are finished!

As with all my Dresses, they will be able to be Custom ordered & Accesorised with details of your choosing – that is assuming you can decide on ONE colour of Sequins to start with!!!


A #MonkeyInATutu is for Life, not just for Christmas…….

Christmas Monkey

It’s entirely possible that you thought I had, in actual fact, dropped off the face of the earth in the run up to Christmas……

Truth be told, I was holed up at HQ becoming a One Woman Monkey Maker extraordinaire – my Heirloom #MonkeyInATutu Keepsakes had proven so popular that I ended up making 25 of them before I was able to down tools for Christmas!!

Not that I minded – my Monkeys are something that can cheer me up on even the gloomiest of freezing cold days, when all you really want to do is stay firmly tucked under your Duvet, drinking coffee & watching cheesy films!!

Now, if you are new to the fabulousness that is #MonkeyInA Tutu, let me tell you a bit about them – each Monkey is made from Stripey Socks (because those are my favourites) & has a Tutu that co-ordinates with her stripes……some have sparkly bits, others don’t, it boils down to personal taste! At this stage they can be happily tucked into a box and can wing their way to your house if that is what you would like! HOWEVER, there is even more excitement to be had because you can choose to add a glittery Crown, a Wand, Wings, an oversize hairbow, flower crown……in fact, just about anything you could possibly want!!! I even made a #UnicornInATutu and a #MermaidMonkey…….

The Monkeys are available to Custom Order in my Etsy Monkey Shop, or you can drop me an email if you’d like to talk about what you have in mind!!


And the Bride wore Purple……

Jan and Tim Wedding

As you may have realised by now, I’m rather partial to a Bride who thinks outside of the Box when it comes to her choice of Wedding Dress colour.

When Jan came to me and said that what she would really like is PURPLE with perhaps a hint of Raspberry Pink thrown in, I was chomping at the bit to get started!

The design process for this Dress was a slow burner, with the finer details being added to/adjusted right up to the last minute, but then that’s part of the joy of a Handmade Dress – Jan opted for a separate Bodice and skirt, originally with a detachable train……in the end, she loved her train so much that we attached it to become part of the skirt and then bustled it during the reception so that she could mingle and dance without fear of tripping over it!

3 layers made up the skirt, all made from the same shot purple Taffeta – a gently flared underskirt, topped with a full A-line skirt that was gathered on the one hip and then the train (lined in Raspberry Taffeta).

Her bodice was a Corset style, fully boned with metal spiral boning and laced in a toning plum ribbon – this was a 1st for me as i had never added sleeves to a corset style bodice before……..we played with the sleeve length a little too, before settling on the 3/4 length as being the most comfortable for Jan.

Matching cravats and pocket squares were made for the Groom and his Bestman and the remaining fabric went to making wonderfully long sashes for the Bridesmaids, all of whom were decked in the their Mrs W Tutus and Glitter Star Wands – each wand had ribbons that matched the Glitter hair bows that came from the fabulous Flash floozy.

Thoroughly looking forward to seeing the official pictures in the not too distant future……


All the fun of The National Wedding Show, Olympia!



I’m rather fond of an opportunity to take all my fluff, packed up in the back of my little car, to a lovely Venue to show the Wedding World exactly what Mrs W can do – one of the things I hear A LOT at these events is either how fabulous they are and how people have never seen anything like it OR that it’s exactly what they’ve been looking for and didn’t know where to find them, so I am always glad I went!

The National Wedding Show at Olympia is the biggest show I have done to date and I have to say that I loved every minute of it – I wasn’t MASSIVELY keen on navigating central London, but I got there in one piece and on time so that counts as a WIN in my book!!

I would be lying if I attempted to suggest it wasn’t hard work – a day of setting up followed by 3 days of standing up and chatting to people is most definitely exhausting, but there is nothing nicer than being able to talk to Brides face to face, to learn about their Wedding plans and how I might be able to add a little bit more magic to their day…….even those who didn’t have any littlies in their Bridal Party would stop to say Hello and admire the fluffy gorgeousness on display!

Everything was incredibly well organised and, as usual, my fellow exhibitors were friendly and made for a warm and welcoming atmosphere. I was lucky enough to FINALLY get to meet some of my favourite folk in person……..lovely Sharlene & Karis (for whom I made a fluffy Petticoat) from Practical Ever After, beautiful Rosie from Wedding Planner, gorgeous Kayleigh from Sparkle, Pearls & Lace  and, of course, the utterly fabulous Ellie Sanderson (who, btw, you should ABSOLUTELY go and visit if you are a Suzanne Neville or Sottero & Midgley fan for her upcoming Designer events!!!) – it’s so nice to actually be able to talk to them face to face and not just through a computer!!! I was also hugely grateful to the fabulous Lisa from Ribbons & Tulle for working her magic and providing me with the paper flowers to help make my stand amazing!

Will I go again?? Well I very much hope so – I am generally quite picky about which shows I go to because of the logistics behind it all, but I would welcome to opportunity to be part of another show in the future!


Be a Rainbow in someone elses Cloud……

Baby Rainbow grid

Over the last few months, there was a bit of a theme going on here at HQ – everyone wanted a fluffy *RAINBOW* in their life and, quite frankly, I could see why!!

Whats super lovely about being a Tutu maker is being asked for (essentially) 5 Rainbow Tutus, but ending up with 5 totally different end results – it’s always been important to me that each Tutu I make is unique and Bespoke to the individual it is for, but that can often be trickier than it seems…….yes, I have LOTS of colours available to me but finding endless different combinations is sometimes an issue!!!

Full Rainbows are a truly joyful thing to behold mind you – whether they are on SUPER cute teeny Princesses, an equally cute but somewhat taller Princess (some of you might recognise her as the gorgeous Marnie Makes), full or pretty sparkles or peeking out from under a custom Mrs W Bridesmaid dress, they never fail to raise a smile!

You can never have too many Rainbows in your life, so if you (or the little Princesses in your life) would like your very own fluffy Rainbow, all you have to do is get in touch!!