Somewhere, over the Rainbow……


1063106……there is, quite possibly, THE most enormous & wonderfully fluffy Tutu that you will ever set your eyes on!! (until I make another one of course…..)
This, however, is to be expected when you use 320 yards of Tulle in just one Tutu!!! This was my 1st adventure into using the Crochet style bodice but, I have to say, I am VERY pleased with the results and excited by the new found versatility that it brings to my creations!!! Considering how floaty & ethereal Tulle is, this dress is surprisingly heavy so I am currently adapting to sleeves a teensy bit in order to avoid any serious “wardrobe malfunctions” – not the end of the world when you are just a Little Princess, but might as well be avoided if possible!
This 2nd pictures allows me an opportunity to show you just how easily a Mrs W Tutu dress can grow with the tiny Princess in your life too – the in-house modelling Team here at HQ are 4, 6.5 & 8 and are actually pretty tall for their ages but, as you can see, this Dress (due to the stretchy nature of the Crochet) easily fits all 3 of them and looks no less magical, no matter how Big you are!! (even if I do say so myself……)


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