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5628717I spend a lot of time under many layers of fluffy Tulle these days – I’m not complaining because I am deeply grateful to be able to say that I LOVE what I do, but some days you do find yourself wondering if your creations are as loved by others as much as they are by you…..
And then, something awesome happens – a picture arrives in your Inbox with a *ping* and there, on the screen in front of you, is everything you could ever has asked for! These are 2 of those pictures – the 1st is Baby Isabella who, at 4 weeks old, is the youngest ever recipient of a Mrs W tutu……it had never occurred to me that she might model her Tutu all day, on a day out with her Family, but her Mummy tells me that she did & that it was admired everywhere they went!
And then we have Jo – Jo was the youngest of 4 Bridesmaids that I made Tutus for back in July…….and when contemplating her choice of outfit for helping out on the Family Farm, she knew just what she wanted to wear – her Mrs W Tutu of course!!!
I love these pictures because they show me that my Tutus bring great big Happy smiles to the faces of Little, and not so little, Princesses everywhere and that is pretty much all I ever wanted……….


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