A Pink, Purple, Turquoise & Silver Supernova in the Sky……


6134058No, you aren’t seeing things – this Tutu genuinely IS as enormous as it appears!!!

This Supernova Tutu was quite a labour of Love – it is a Gift for Christmas, but the plan is that the Princess recipient can then wear it for her Birthday early next years, which is why we decided to make it in “Party Colours” rather than something more traditionally Christmassy!







As well as this, I was asked to make a Tulle Crown to match.

The Crown is made using the same shades of Tulle as the Tutu, interspersed with delicate Silver flowers (as she only has a little head, bless her!) & with Turquoise Blue satin ribbons dangling down the back.

I was thrilled to see both items finished & very much look forward to seeing them both modelled for photos after Christmas!

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