All Hail the Taffeta Princess……


9226472This Tutu Dress took me by surprise……mostly because, once it was finished, it didn’t actually look anything like I had imagined it would!!
This isn’t always a bad thing – sometimes the very best things come out of serendipitous surprise, but to say I was rattled by it would be an understatement!! It probably had everything to do with the fact that I had 48hrs in which to start AND finish it & I was desperate for it to be “perfect” & the show stopping piece at the Wedding Fayre.
This Dress is a Taffeta over-dress with a full length Tutu underneath. It ruches at the front & the point where it attaches to the main body of the Dress is highlighted by the addition of ribbon bows.

1259974At the back, the over-dress is the same full length as the Tutu & it fastens with a ribbon lacing. For this particular one I made the straps from lace which has a delicate criss-cross ribbon detail running up the centre, but this could be replaced with solid Taffeta straps or Satin ribbons if you would prefer!
I used 2 colours of Taffeta – Ivory for the outer part & pale pink for the lining. I picked up the pink colour in the accent details such as the bows on the front & the ribbon that laces the Dress but, as with all things from Mrs W Tutus, this Dress can be made in any colour combination you would like – the only limit is your imagination (& the fabric I am able to source, obviously!!)


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