My Funny Valentine…..



We thought we would jump on the Valentines band wagon here at HQ today & bring out the Big (fluffy) Guns in the form of this utterly delicious, giant fluffy Tutu Dress.

For reasons known pretty much only to itself, the fluff on this one likes to stick straight up…….don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining because the end result is GLORIOUS, I am just a little bit baffled as to why this one does it when the others don’t!!

This Dress is a Red crochet top, red polka dot ribbon straps and then 4 layers of Tulle, the top one being a Red shimmer Tulle which helps to add to the overall depth of colour!

This Dress got a big thumbs up from the smallest member of the in-house modelling Team & it certainly helped put a smile on all our faces at HQ!

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