There are Fairies at the bottom of the Garden…..



Even though I am currently plagued with a hideous cold, I was determined to get this new style of Bridesmaids Dress finished yesterday….
This is The Garden Fairy, shown here in Cerise taffeta, with a Cadbury Purple taffeta sash, over a full length Tutu in Purple, Lavender & Hot Pink Tulle.

29910This picture, taken from underneath the Tutu, better shows the effect of layering the colours together to create the Ombre effect.
The overdress is created from a skirt of 10 individual petals, gathered into a Bodice which also picks up on the petal theme in the sleeve detail. This then ties at the back with the taffeta sash, forming a wonderfully oversize bow & long tails.
As usual, this Dress can be made in just about any colour you would like – from a simple all Ivory to a full blown Rainbow, where everyone of the skirt petals could be a different colour……the sky, or the contents of your Garden, is really the limit to this one!


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