The Bustle Princess joins the family……





Now that we are all back and recovered from the excitement of our little trip to the NEC (I say “We”, but actually all credit should go to Alex at The GBW for working FANTASTICALLY hard on my behalf……), it was suggested that I ought to offer a Long Tutu for sale after quite a few interested enquiries!

Luckily for me, I already had one of these conveniently tucked up my sleeve, back in the early days when Mrs W was just a little dream in my rather large Noggin……..The Bustle Princess is a full, floor length Tutu with a detachable Bustle and matching lace up Taffeta Bodice. Bustles are created with Tulle, glimmer Tulle (where possible) & an assortment of ribbons that can be tailored to fit your requirements (as well as being made longer in order to form a “train”) &, as usual, all aspects of this outfit can be made to fit with your chosen colour scheme.


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