And now for something a teensy bit different…..



Have you been wading through the many possible options for your Bridesmaids & Flower Girls & found yourself thinking “But what I want is something REALLY different!”??? Fret not, lovely people, because I *might* just have the solution to this problem!!

This is my Supernova Tutu, shown here with a coordinating Duchess Satin, lace up Bodice & Tulle Crown – Supernovas look rather like dandelion clocks if you turn them upside down……every single hand tied piece of Tulle has another teeny tiny piece of Tulle carefully tied to the end of it, which causes a veritable explosion of colour & fluffiness!

Supernovas are usually knee length, because any longer than that & the magic of the fluffy bottom gets a little bit lost and, lets face it, who DOESN’T love a Fluffy bottom……??? They can be made in any combination of colours you would like but I would generally recommend a minimum of 2 to make sure you get the maximum effect – matching accessories, such as Wands, Crowns & Bodices can also be ordered to allow you to have the full “set” if required!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements!!

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