Go *BIG* or go Home…….


The Pomander Fairy

Whenever I embark on a new Tutu or Tutu Dress, I am never quite sure what I’m going to find when I get to the other end (apart from something fabulous, obviously……..) & this project was no different……

The Pomander Fairy is bigger & Fluffier & generally more amazing in the flesh than ANYTHING I could’ve dreamed up in my head, even if I did panic slightly at the mid way point that it might turn out to be TOO Fluffy – at which point I reminded myself that there is, most definitely, no such this as “too much” fluff & carried on my merry way!!

Made up of 3 Tiers of Tulle, hand knotted onto a Crochet Bodice, delicate off-the-shoulder style straps & decorated with organza flowers that have beaded centres, The Pomander Fairy is a fluffy dream come true for would be Princesses everywhere & is an excellent choice for your Bridesmaids & Flower Girls…….the in-house modelling Team here at HQ were all in agreement on this fact (which is a minor miracle in itself quite frankly) with the Medium size one being most disappointed that I was quite sure it wouldn’t fit her!!!

This Dress can be made in any single or combination of the 30 colours of Tulle we have available &, should this still not be quite enough fluffy Tulle for your liking, a 4th layer can be added on request.

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