And they all lived “Practical Ever After”……




I bloomin’ *LOVE* social media…….I feel very honoured to have connected with some truly lovely people, through the magic of things like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc, & those marvelous Ladies over at Practical Ever After are no exception to this!!

I have never met either of them in “real” life, but I Love what they do – their Blog, Practical Ever After, charts the lead up to both Karis & Sharlenes Weddings……they are honest, open & funny & it is hugely refreshing to read about the trials & tribulations they have encountered during this process – I honestly wish that this had been around when Mr W & I were gearing up to our own Wedding nearly 12 years ago!!! There’s also handy hints and tips a plenty for all you fellow Brides-to-be out there who might be in need of some moral support!!!

They have been kind enough to “SHOUT ABOUT” me & what I do on their Blog, so I would love it if you would pay them a visit and have a read as well as showing them some Love on Facebook & Twitter whilst you are about it because I know they would also appreciate it!!!

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