You don’t have to be Crazy to work here….but it helps…..


The last 3 weeks here at HQ have flown by in a manic explosion of Fluff, creativity & general running about like a headless chicken……

The Craziness started when I was asked if I might be able to help out by supplying a couple of Tutus & a Crown for a photo-shoot that the fabulous Sarah from Juno & Joy was putting together – never one for turning down a challenge or the opportunity to help, I excitedly whipped up the fluffy requirements & entrusted them to the care of Royal Mail!! Sarah says the resulting photos are AMAZING (& who am i to argue with that!?) so I am very much looking forward to seeing the end results!!!

Then it was onto project Number 2 – a range of Tutus, Crowns & Wands to deliver to the lovely Sam at Heritage Brides….

PhotoGrid_1401717916607 2014-05-28 18.03.54

I chose to deliver these goodies by hand – I mean, who in their right mind WOULDN’T want the excuse to explore the magic of a truly stunning Bridal Boutique without someone looking at you like you were a bit funny in the head, right?? Heritage Brides is THE most amazing Boutique I have come across, & I would urge all you Brides to be out there to go & pay Sam a visit……..found in the grounds of the Beautiful Hatfield House, visiting Heritage Brides is a joyous experience, where you are made to feel truly welcome & comfortable to browse the incredible gowns on display! Trust me when I tell you that you won’t be disappointed…….

Having added 2 big fat ticks to my to-do list, it was onto the final job of the list – preparing for the Wedding fair at The Crown & Thistle, Abingdon. I was thrilled when the gorgeous Georgina from Ruby Weddings invited to be part of her fairs because I have long been an admirer of her fabulous Website & Blog.

2014-06-08 12.06.46Mr W & The Winchettes (which is NOT the name of a band, but it probably should be….) will likely tell you that I get quite *ahem* tetchy just before I head off to a wedding fair – I always worry that my Stand won’t be as inviting or beautiful as someone elses, so I was utterly delighted to stand back and admire the results of my hard work after I’d finished setting up, feeling especially proud of the homemade Photo-board I’d put together & the Canvas with a smaller version of my majestic Wall Decal, courtesy of my ever fabulous friends over at Off The Wall Decals

2014-06-08 12.42.11

It was lovely to meet some fabulous fellow suppliers & the Couples who came to the Fair, even if it did mean sacrificing spending the afternoon basking in the Sunshine!!

So now it’s onwards & upwards towards the Autumn fairs – you’ll be able to come & see me at another Ruby Weddings Fair at The Hawkwell House Hotel on 21st September and then at The Bath Vintage Wedding Fayre in the Bath Pavilion on 16th November!


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