Never work with Children or Animals…..unless, of course, they are *SUPER* Cute….




I *LOVE* it when we have little visitors here at HQ (no, not THOSE kind of make-your-head-itch-just-thinking-about-them Visitors……), especially when they can be persuaded (although not without effort on Mummies part) to model the new Tutu you’ve been working on!!!

This particular Tutu is made up of much thinner strips of Tulle with pieces of Organza chiffon ribbon mingled in amongst them – I was a little dubious as to how successful this was going to be when I first started tying the strips into place, but it soon became apparent that the end result was going to look pretty spectacular!!! This is one of those Tutus that really needs to be seen in real life, particularly when the small Princess in question is running at speed, to appreciate how lovely it looks & how the ribbon glitters in the light! (& how much it bounces & swishes & makes fabulous rustly noises…..)

Although here it has been expertly teamed with Sunglasses, T-shirt & random bike pump, this style of Tutu would be GLORIOUS for teeny Flower Girls – just add Leotard or pretty top, Tulle Crown & Wand and off you go!!! Oh, and it can of course be in just about any colour you could possibly want, including lime green & orange if that’s what takes your fancy…….!!!

As you can see from the photo below, the brilliant thing about Tutus from Mrs W is that they can grow with your child – it is exactly the same Tutu on both the beautiful models, but one is 4.5 (& very tall for her age – she wears age 6-7 clothes!) & the other is 2…….it just goes to show that they are well worth the investment for many years of creative play, dressing up or just generally stating your independence on the school run!


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