We’re all going on a Summer Holiday!


The end of next week will see me heading off on my Jollies – I will be away from 16th-30th August so won’t be able to respond to any emails or fulfill any orders during that time…….you can still send me messages if you want to of course, and I will most definitely be in touch as soon as I am back!

With any luck, I will also then be able to share with you some of the *TOP SECRET* things that I have been beavering away on over the past few weeks – it’s been very difficult for me to keep a lot of these things under wraps, but I’m very pleased that you have all been bearing with me & my lack of shiny new pictures/products to show you……you could all be forgiven for thinking that I had fallen in a dark hole somewhere, but I promise I am still here, working my little cotton socks off and thinking of new designs!

I will be unveiling a *LIMITED EDITION* Halloween Tutu in early September – as you may have guessed, I will only be making 12 of these (4 each of Small, Medium & Large) so please be sure to drop me a note if you think you might like one so that I can pop on the list to be sure you don’t miss out!! (i don’t like people to be sad!)

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