You are never too Grown Up for a Tutu


Ruth full set photogrid

Ruth & I have been friends for a number of years now…….in fact, 9 years ago when I was heavily pregnant with the Biggest in-house model, she came to me & asked me to make her Wedding Dress!!

I was thrilled when she asked if it would be possible for me to make her a Custom Tutu & matching Bodice for an upcoming Ball – I firmly believe that a Tutu is a fabulous thing no matter how old you are, so I jumped at the chance to create something rather bigger than what i have made up until now!

I’m very lucky that Ruth trusted me enough to create something fabulous for her – I may have neglected to mention that she actually lives in NEW ZEALAND, so there was never going to be an opportunity for fittings or to sit and discuss ideas in person!

Ruths Tutu is a double layer, hand tied into a crochet waistband that can be gathered with a Ribbon tie to adjust to fit. The Bodice is made from Black Duchess satin & laces at the back with a Red organza ribbon. I was lucky enough to come across the black lace yolk for sale online and new that it would be the perfect finishing touch to this outfit – it also ties at the back, but this time with a Red satin ribbon.

It would be very easy to create something similar in more pastel shades for Bridesmaids or other combinations of colours for a party or other event……….if, having seen this, you are now desperate to commission something like this for yourself (and, lets face it, who WOULDN’T want something this awesome……) then all you have to do is drop me an email!! Simples!

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