It’s always more beautiful if it’s Handmade……


Crochet dress Grid

I know that SOMETIMES it might seem that I am a teensy bit obsessed with promoting all things handmade, but there is a good reason for this – more often than not (& not ALWAYS I will grant you) Handmade is more Beautiful & well crafted than anything mass produced that you could buy in a shop or have shipped in from China!

It should come as no surprise, therefore, that I was super keen to collaborate with someone who was extra specially clever when it came to Crochet because, quite frankly, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t crochet a single thing even if my life depended on it……..!! I popped my thinking cap on & remembered my friend Ema (who I went to school with & who just so happens to run The Crochet Shop) was a bit of a wizz with the old Crochet hooks and a few Facebook messages, pictures and discussions later a thing of great beauty was born!

As you can see from the pictures, the Bodice on this particular dress has been been hand crocheted by Ema & then the full length Tutu & Bow have been made by myself – these Dresses are available in the usual selection of 30 colours of Tulle & then 15 colours of plain yarn but, as a little bonus, there are also 8 shades of “Sparkle” yarn available too!! *cue VERY excited face*

I will hopefully have them listed in the Shop in the not too distant future but, in the meantime, if you are desperate to bestow something utterly gorgeous on your little Princess or have a Light-Bulb moment & realise they are EXACTLY what you have been searching for in the hunt for the perfect Flower Girl dress then please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements!

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