….and what became of the Monkey, Monkey, Monkey!?



It was one of those really random ideas that seemed like a GENIUS plan at a time……make sock Monkeys for the In-House modelling Team as a gift for Easter instead of filling them to the gills with chocolate until they threw up!

It seemed LESS of a GENIUS plan when I was sat still stuffing Monkeys at nearly midnight on Easter Day Eve…..

However, it was most definitely worth the effort – the Team *ADORE* their Monkeys, much more than anyone could ever have predicted……and so I posted a picture……and then the requests started coming – who knew that Moneys made from socks would prove to be so popular?!?!

Obviously, because they were being made by ME, it wasn’t long before i contemplated adding a Tutu……and after THAT I was pretty much hooked!!!



Who WOULDN’T want a pretty Monkey with her own flufftastic skirt, right??? They have proved to be super popular with Grown ups AND teeny people, as expertly demonstrated by the gorgeous Madeleine and the Monkey she received as her Christening Gift…….


I think a Tutu clad Monkey could potentially make a fabulously unique gift for a Flower Girl or little Bridesmaid and can easily be made with a Tutu that matches their own – they could even be carried as an alternative to flowers or a fluffy wand…….and it would certainly be memorable! Please be sure to shout if you might like one for your Little Princesses!

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