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When a group of Creative Wedding Industry folk are encouraged to come together by someone who is full of enthusiasm & passion for what they do, you can be pretty sure you have stumbled across the start of something fabulous……

The Wedding Hub is one of these things – a shop that couples can visit &, in one fell swoop, find a whole host of loveliness for their forthcoming nuptials!!

I 1st met Danielle a couple of weeks ago at The Wedding Sessions in Bristol and was thrilled when she later got in touch to see if I would be interested in being part of her lovely little Shop – she knows from 1st hand experience just HOW difficult it can be to get your fabulous Handmade products seen/stocked in Shops & Boutiques successfully, having plowed through the minefield of attempting (& failing) to give your handiwork a wholesale value (which is virtually impossible…..)!

The Wedding Hub opens *TODAY* and will, I’m sure, go from strength to strength as she continues to bring wonderfully talented people on board – you might even find a fluffy Tutu & Wands in there if you look really carefully……

Wed Hub Front

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