The best kind of Stars are GLITTERY ones……


Glitter Star Wand


I bet I have your full attention, right????

It is my humble opinion that if your going to combine things, it had jolly well better be GLITTER & STARS…….because, once you’ve done that, you have probably peaked & it may well all be downhill from here!! (maybe don’t quote me on that one though………)

This is 2 of my most favouritest things in the whole world, brought together & popped majestically on the top of a ribbon wrapped dowel, finished with trailing ribbon streamers – the Glitter Star Wand is perfect for just about any occasion you can think of, be that skipping to school, dancing in the Garden, shopping at the Supermarket or gliding like a Princess down the aisle, there is a Glitter Star Wand to suit any occasion!

I have been lucky enough to find a couple of *official* product testers for these, so keep your eyes peeled for a follow up post about the excellent job they did putting them through their paces!


Glitter Star Grid

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