The icing on the (fluffy) Cake!


Tulle Pommander Grid


My brain is nearly always chock full of ideas for fluffy stuff…….not always good or achievable I’ll grant you, but they are stuffed in there just trying to sneak out, sometimes when I’m not looking!!

When I made my 1st Tulle Wand, I knew that there had to be other uses for super fabulous Tulle pompoms – I mean who doesn’t LOVE a good ball of fluff, right??? My light-bulb moment came after seeing a photograph of a ball of flowers and realising that it could be re-imagined in Tulle – add a satin ribbon wrist strap and a selection of ribbon streamers & the Tulle Pommander was born!

The Pompoms in this are slightly bigger than those in the Tulle Wands, but can easily be made smaller if your Flower Girls happen to be particularly delicate little Princesses – you can also customise the length of the ribbon streamers to suit your needs as well as choosing the colours that fit your chosen scheme exactly!

As you can see from the Picture, they are incredibly tactile & lightweight making them a great choice for the younger members of your Bridal party – no danger of them finding them too heavy or causing accidental damage if they get a little vigorous or over excited whilst “brandishing” them down the aisle!


Tulle Pommander

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