Changes are afoot…….




Hello you lovely bunch!

This is a super quick note from me to say that I AM still here, beavering away in the background, and to apologise for being a little quiet of late – lots of lovely things to fill you in on, but that is for upcoming posts!!

My Website is going to be undergoing some changes in the next few weeks – I hope you will bear with me during this time…….better and more *FABULOUS* things are most definitely coming!!

If you are looking to try and order something amazing in this time, the very bestest thing you can do is drop me an email as the Shop links currently don’t appear to be working properly – a quick message, letting me know what it is you are after will allow me to pop you out an invoice and get the ball rolling……SIMPLES!!!

Anywho, keep those peepers peeled for the coming improvements – they’re going to be splendiferous!!!

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