Be a Rainbow in someone elses Cloud……


Baby Rainbow grid

Over the last few months, there was a bit of a theme going on here at HQ – everyone wanted a fluffy *RAINBOW* in their life and, quite frankly, I could see why!!

Whats super lovely about being a Tutu maker is being asked for (essentially) 5 Rainbow Tutus, but ending up with 5 totally different end results – it’s always been important to me that each Tutu I make is unique and Bespoke to the individual it is for, but that can often be trickier than it seems…….yes, I have LOTS of colours available to me but finding endless different combinations is sometimes an issue!!!

Full Rainbows are a truly joyful thing to behold mind you – whether they are on SUPER cute teeny Princesses, an equally cute but somewhat taller Princess (some of you might recognise her as the gorgeous Marnie Makes), full or pretty sparkles or peeking out from under a custom Mrs W Bridesmaid dress, they never fail to raise a smile!

You can never have too many Rainbows in your life, so if you (or the little Princesses in your life) would like your very own fluffy Rainbow, all you have to do is get in touch!!


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