The Best laid plans generally involve SEQUINS……


Gold Sequin Dress

Anyone who knows me knows that if there is one thing I love as much (if not MORE) than Fluffy stuff, it’s *SPARKLY* stuff!

The rise in popularity of the Sequin fabrics has been utter heaven for me, and I knew quite quickly it was something I wanted to incorporate into my work – I mean, who WOULDN’T want to see a teeny tiny Princess bedecked in Sequins making her way down the aisle, right?!?!?

As it stands, my sample Dresses are still very much “Under Construction” but you can see from these sneak peeks that they will be utterly FABULOUS once they are finished!

As with all my Dresses, they will be able to be Custom ordered & Accesorised with details of your choosing – that is assuming you can decide on ONE colour of Sequins to start with!!!


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