There’s nothing a splash of fluffy Colour can’t fix…..


You’ve found *YOUR* Dress…….it’s the magical thing that you pictured in your head, even though you didn’t actually know that’s what you wanted and you are almost more in Love with it than you are with your other half (ok, that last bit might be a fib…..maybe……)!

But the more you look at it, the more you wonder if it truly encompasses YOU as the Goddess that you are and is there something you could do to truly stamp your personality & uniqueness on it??? WELL OF COURSE THERE IS!!!!

The answer, my lovelies, is actually remarkably simple and comes in the form of *PIMP MY PETTICOAT*, the utterly fab process of you sending me your plain and not very fluffy Petticoat (or one that i can, of course, supply if needed) and letting me work my magic to create something to having you dancing round the house in your Undercrackers and wondering why the heck you didn’t get one of these bad boys sooner…….

These amazing images come courtesy of The St Ives Bridal Room, Griffin Photography and Lower Barns Boutique B&B and features ones of my single colour Petticoats – you can have any colour you jolly well like though, opting for a full blown Rainbow or a mix of a couple of different shades whilst adding matching or contrasting binding to the edges!

This simple colourful detail takes your Traditional tea-length gown to a whole new level, and is a great way to inject personality – and because it is a totally separate Petticoat, it can be worn after the Wedding under some of your other favourite 50’s style Dresses! It’s not often you can get multiple use out of a key part of your Bridal outfit with no alterations required……..

*For this shoot, the Gorgeous Model is wearing “Candice”  by So Sassi Bridal over a Red Tutu Petticoat by Mrs W Tutus*

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