Gone Feising (the Irish Dancers amongst you will get the joke!)…..


So recently, i’ve added a new string to my Bow in the form of Dresses for Tiny Irish dancers…….

The world of the Irish Dancing dress is full of Tulle, Net, Glitter and Rhinestones so you can probably see why it appeals to me!! Last week found me up to my armpits in NEON Pink sparkle satin making little Class Dresses and matching Bows to be worn by a local Dance School at an upcoming Feis – by Irish dress standards, these are pretty simple though still have quite the stage presence (mostly because of their day-glo colour!!!)

I’ve also lent my skills to replacing many, many Rhinestones from existing Solo Dresses that seem to ping off on a pretty frequent basis- not hugely surprising given the vigorous nature of the dancing going on if I’m honest……I re-stoned the dress in the picture below after it was bought 2nd hand – 100 Rhinestones later, it was back to some semblance of its former glory!!

It’s interesting to see how well my technical skills can switch between fields – Irish Dancers wear their solo dresses SHORT (which is why they come with matching Kick Pants!) but they also want to get as much wear out of them as they can because they are a big financial investment……at the end of last month, I was tasked with letting out, re-stoning but also making an extra stoned/pleated piece to clip into an existing Solo Dress

Although it doesn’t add much extra length, it certainly buys a bit more wear time whilst still giving the option to take it out if preferred! (Dress shown with (R) and without (L) the new insert)

I’m very happy to take on re-stoning jobs ( i must be slightly crazy……or maybe that is just the glue fumes……), so if you need some sparkly magic working on your solo dress or one you may have just purchased 2nd hand, then please get in touch to discuss your requirements and how I might be able to help you!

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