Gone Feising (the Irish Dancers amongst you will get the joke!)…..


So recently, i’ve added a new string to my Bow in the form of Dresses for Tiny Irish dancers…….

The world of the Irish Dancing dress is full of Tulle, Net, Glitter and Rhinestones so you can probably see why it appeals to me!! Last week found me up to my armpits in NEON Pink sparkle satin making little Class Dresses and matching Bows to be worn by a local Dance School at an upcoming Feis – by Irish dress standards, these are pretty simple though still have quite the stage presence (mostly because of their day-glo colour!!!)

I’ve also lent my skills to replacing many, many Rhinestones from existing Solo Dresses that seem to ping off on a pretty frequent basis- not hugely surprising given the vigorous nature of the dancing going on if I’m honest……I re-stoned the dress in the picture below after it was bought 2nd hand – 100 Rhinestones later, it was back to some semblance of its former glory!!

It’s interesting to see how well my technical skills can switch between fields – Irish Dancers wear their solo dresses SHORT (which is why they come with matching Kick Pants!) but they also want to get as much wear out of them as they can because they are a big financial investment……at the end of last month, I was tasked with letting out, re-stoning but also making an extra stoned/pleated piece to clip into an existing Solo Dress

Although it doesn’t add much extra length, it certainly buys a bit more wear time whilst still giving the option to take it out if preferred! (Dress shown with (R) and without (L) the new insert)

I’m very happy to take on re-stoning jobs ( i must be slightly crazy……or maybe that is just the glue fumes……), so if you need some sparkly magic working on your solo dress or one you may have just purchased 2nd hand, then please get in touch to discuss your requirements and how I might be able to help you!

There’s nothing a splash of fluffy Colour can’t fix…..


You’ve found *YOUR* Dress…….it’s the magical thing that you pictured in your head, even though you didn’t actually know that’s what you wanted and you are almost more in Love with it than you are with your other half (ok, that last bit might be a fib…..maybe……)!

But the more you look at it, the more you wonder if it truly encompasses YOU as the Goddess that you are and is there something you could do to truly stamp your personality & uniqueness on it??? WELL OF COURSE THERE IS!!!!

The answer, my lovelies, is actually remarkably simple and comes in the form of *PIMP MY PETTICOAT*, the utterly fab process of you sending me your plain and not very fluffy Petticoat (or one that i can, of course, supply if needed) and letting me work my magic to create something to having you dancing round the house in your Undercrackers and wondering why the heck you didn’t get one of these bad boys sooner…….

These amazing images come courtesy of The St Ives Bridal Room, Griffin Photography and Lower Barns Boutique B&B and features ones of my single colour Petticoats – you can have any colour you jolly well like though, opting for a full blown Rainbow or a mix of a couple of different shades whilst adding matching or contrasting binding to the edges!

This simple colourful detail takes your Traditional tea-length gown to a whole new level, and is a great way to inject personality – and because it is a totally separate Petticoat, it can be worn after the Wedding under some of your other favourite 50’s style Dresses! It’s not often you can get multiple use out of a key part of your Bridal outfit with no alterations required……..

*For this shoot, the Gorgeous Model is wearing “Candice”  by So Sassi Bridal over a Red Tutu Petticoat by Mrs W Tutus*

Meet the Maker…….


It’s not uncommon to see a #MeetTheMaker hashtag on Instagram in March – every February, i spot that someone has set one up with daily photo prompts and I think “Right…..THIS March, I going to do this” because I believe that it’s important for people to have the chance to get to really know the fab folk behind the product they Love……and then it gets to roughly now and I realise I have, once again, ceremoniously forgotten all about it and it’s rather too late to play catch up!!!

So today I figured I would simply write a blog that tells you a bit more about me, some of which you might know and some of which you might be surprised to learn…….

I am Kate – aka Mrs W, Mrs Tutus, Biggest/Number 1 Daughter, Tats/Tatty, Winch/Mrs Winch, Mummy……..it’s quite a long list, but I generally respond to most things!

Born and bred in the North, I have moved around a lot over the years – I once moved half way round the World, stayed for a couple of years and came home with a 10 month Old dual nationality Baby, as well as the Husband I originally move out there with! Currently you will find me residing in Wiltshire, along with the afore mentioned Husband, the dual Nationality Baby who ISN’T a baby anymore (she’s nearly 12), her 2 Sisters who came along in due course (they are 10 and 7.5) and a rather hairy Spaniel, who prefers people food to dog food, doesn’t bark at the doorbell but who will chase ANY Bird that dares put even one birdy toe in his garden!

I’ve always been a Creative Soul – Art & Music were my “things”……the times I was happiest and school, and where I sought refuge when things were tough or stressful – 15 hours exam time for A level Art was a doddle in comparison to the 2 hours of general studies because I was immersed in something I loved! I went on to study Fashion & Textiles at the University of Northampton – it’s quite a shock to the system when you arrive to study Fashion because EVERYTHING you have heard about University life actually doesn’t apply to you! The days are LONG (think in by 8am, some days not leaving till 9pm), the coursework is never ending and the all nighters are a very regular occurrence out of sheer necessity and not just having nothing in the previous few weeks! Somehow I survived and graduated with my BA (Hons) intact, but it took me another 13 years before I REALLY decided what I wanted to do with my life when I grew up – I fell into Tutu making a bit by accident, but once I did I never really looked back!

Things I LOVE? (apart from that motley crew above) Coffee (giver of life and creative juices), Pizza, Glitter/ANYTHING Sparkly, Corsetry (see previous post for more on that) and Disney – it is fair to say that, with our next trip to Disneyworld booked for this summer, I am probably MORE excited than the under 13’s in our house and I am not ashamed to admit it

My logical nearly 38 year old Brain knows that this a very lucrative commercial place, but from the minute we step off the plane in Orlando, I am thoroughly swept up in the MAGIC of Disney and everything that comes with it and I never fail to come away inspired and with a brain bursting with ideas! (and rather pink & sunburnt – damn you pasty English Rose complexion!)

As you’ve probably realised, when i’m not dreaming of Disney or plotting my next Corsetry creation, I am locked in my Design Cave (it’s a bit like the Bat-cave, only not quite as dark…..and less Bats…….), drowning under Rainbows of fluff, creating new Petticoats and pondering if I can squeeze a few more Rhinestones on, thanks to my new found involvement in the world of Irish dancing (there’ll be more on this in the coming weeks…….) – I do what I do because I Love it, and that’s how it should be right?? Showing Brides to Be that they really can have ANYTHING they want without breaking the bank and watching faces light up as they jump up and down in the fluffiest creation they’ve ever stepped foot in is where the real magic lies! And now I have my Glitter Girls to skip alongside me, as we take on the traditional Wedding World shouting “DO IT YOUR WAY!!! WE PROMISE IT WILL BE AWESOME” and leaving a trail of sparkles in our wake, the future looks very spangly indeed……….

The tighter the Better…..Well, when it comes to Corsetry anyway!


It’s all about the Corset………

My name is Mrs W and I am addicted to Corsetry

It’s true, and I’m actually not even a tiny bit ashamed to admit it – I went on my very 1st course to learn how to make a Corset what feels like many moons ago now (although, in reality, it was probably only 3 years ago…….) with the utter amazing Lisa Keating……..Lisa is the best teacher as her patience levels are hugely impressive & her wealth of knowledge is astounding – but then I guess that is what makes her a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen!

This weekend, I attended what I think was my 6th course – I arrived armed with my uber gorgeous Wasp Waist mannequin (purchased for me as a Gift from Corset Laced Mannequins), the skirt/Petticoat I had made a few weeks ago and the Neck Corset that I have been attaching Rhinestones to since roughly the beginning of time……..ok, so maybe that is a SLIGHT exaggeration, but it’s not too far off the truth! (note to self – NEVER AGAIN…..unless someone asks very nicely, obviously!)

I’d been working on a Toile* (*Toile = an early version of a finished garment, made up in cheap fabric so that the design can be tested and perfected) for my Corset in order to be sure the fit was just right, but needed Lisa to cast her expert eye over it – my pattern making skills aren’t too shabby, but I was pretty sure that there might be some “Gold rules of Corset Design” that I was oblivious to, so wanted her advice before I committed to taking it apart and using it as my pattern! As it happens, I was pretty much on the money (pats self on back) so only had to make a couple of minor adjustments before jumping in at the deep end feet 1st!

It might be useful to point out at this point that I do NOT make life easy for myself when I set out on a new project – why would I? I love to learn & to challenge my existing knowledge, and the only way I’m going to do this is my pushing myself out of my comfort zone…….it also means that at some point during the weekend, I can be guaranteed to say “Whose chuffing silly idea was this??? Oh….mine……..” alongside some rather colourful swears (probably to myself to avoid offending anyone, although I might accidentally utter one in my outside voice every now and again!), but I’m always proud of myself after the event for pushing my limits again!

The thing about Corsetry courses is that you don’t have to be the worlds most talented seamstress to take part – only basic machine sewing knowledge/competency levels are required to allow you to come away with an almost fully made Corset……there is a filthy rumour floating round that it is possible to actually 100% FINISH a Corset in a weekend – I’m fairly confident this must be a lie as I have never yet managed it, and if I can’t do it then it must be a whopper of a fib!!! (NB – it genuinely IS possible and is simply a slightly sore point for myself that, because of my stupidly complicated shape/material choices, I have never yet managed to finish one in less than a few WEEKS let alone 2 days……..the super efficient and talented among you may well finish yours, and I will reserve the right to grumble about how unfair it is, whilst still loving you whole heartedly, OK??)

As you might be able to tell, I actually made some really good progress this weekend, probably getting the furthest through I’ve ever managed (another self congratulatory pat on the back), but I still have plenty of work to do before it is entirely finished – I actually DON’T mind working on it at home……it’s lovely to have a personal project to work on when I find myself with a rare free hour or so – although those are limited thanks to the NEVER ENDING RHINESTONES that I may have mentioned earlier……

Fancy having a go yourself??? Well WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY SO?????? Lisa runs a few courses during the year – there’s even an opportunity to make your own French Knickers coming up if that happens to be your cup of Tea! Pop over to any of her social media outlets or to http://www.lkbespokebridal.co.uk where you’ll find all the information you need to get going – but be warned, you can never ever only make ONE………..

The Best laid plans generally involve SEQUINS……


Gold Sequin Dress

Anyone who knows me knows that if there is one thing I love as much (if not MORE) than Fluffy stuff, it’s *SPARKLY* stuff!

The rise in popularity of the Sequin fabrics has been utter heaven for me, and I knew quite quickly it was something I wanted to incorporate into my work – I mean, who WOULDN’T want to see a teeny tiny Princess bedecked in Sequins making her way down the aisle, right?!?!?

As it stands, my sample Dresses are still very much “Under Construction” but you can see from these sneak peeks that they will be utterly FABULOUS once they are finished!

As with all my Dresses, they will be able to be Custom ordered & Accesorised with details of your choosing – that is assuming you can decide on ONE colour of Sequins to start with!!!


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