Pimp my Petticoat

What is it?

Sounds pretty special, right?? That’s because IT IS!!!
We’ve all been there – we make a bargainous Petticoat purchase off the internet & are super excited for it to arrive…….the day comes & you almost snog the Postman with glee, run inside & rip open your parcel, only to feel a sense of disappointment creep over you!! It doesn’t look as magic or as fluffy as it did in the picture, & once you have it on under your most favourite Frock you barely know its there……am I right?????
As with so many things in life, Petticoats have a tendency to fall into the “You get what you pay for” bucket but I am here to fix this conundrum with my magical Unicorn skills (& rather a lot of Tulle, ribbon, bias binding & glittery bits!)

How does it work?

There are 2 options to choose from when it comes to getting your hands on a the Petticoat of your dreams – you may already have 1 (or more) sadly neglected Petticoat hanging in your Wardrobe because it just doesn’t float your boat the way it should…….All you need to do, if this is the case, is package it up, pop it in the Post to Mrs W HQ and tell me (in no uncertain terms) what you’d like me to do with it!! Add Tulle? No problem! Add satin edging? Absolutely! Add sparkly bits? WHY ARE WE NOT DOING THIS ALREADY????
If you DON’T already have a Petticoat & are feeling uninspired by the options available to you, you don’t need to panic – I can provide the Petticoat for Pimping, making all of the above excitement available to you too!!

How long does it take?

This is a slightly tricksy question, because a lot will depend on exactly what magic needs performing and how booked up my diary is already – on average, pimping a Petticoat that you already own will take approximately 3 weeks, extending to 4-6 weeks if you need me to provide the Petticoat for you, or if I’m extra super busy!
Never be afraid to ask though if you need it in a hurry – I will always do my best to try and fit you in, though I might need to charge a tiny bit more to cover the extra postage costs incurred in rish orders!

How much does it cost?

The Pimping of an existing petticoat starts from £40 plus p&p, a Pimped Petticoat provided by myself starts from £67.50 plus p&p – p&p can either be 1st class recorded or Royal Mail Special delivery

What colours can I have?

What colours would you LIKE??? There is no extra charge for multiple colours so you can choose to have a single colour right through to a full blown Rainbow!!! Simply let me know what you would like (or your chosen Colour scheme) & I can provide you with samples to choose from – I have almost 50 colours of Tulle to choose from so you can be sure I will have something that fits!

Shut up and take my money!

HELL YES I WANT THESE IN MY LIFE!!! Well then that’s easy – simply drop me an email (or a message via the magic medium of Social Media) and we can get the ball rolling……..I will price your chosen options up & send you an invoice – you can then choose to pay a deposit or the full amount & all the payment details will be on the invoice for you! SIMPLES!! Please be aware that without a deposit (or full payment), I cannot 100% guarantee your space in my diary (sad but true!)