Tutu Care

Tutus are uniquely beautiful things for any Little Princess to own but they, by nature of the fabric they are made from, also pretty delicate & need a bit of tlc to keep them looking at their Fluffy best!

Here are few tips & suggestions to help you keep yours in tip top condition!

1.  NEVER put your Tutu in the Washing machine – they really dislike it & will come out as a very soggy pile of pieces I’m afraid!!! Spot clean only with a damp sponge or cloth as quickly as is possible!

2. If possible, hang them up to store them – it means there is less chance of the Tulle becoming crushed, tangled & wrinkly!

3. If you need to unwrinkle your Tutu, there are a few methods you can try:

a. STEAM – hang in a Bathroom during a hot shower/bath or, if you own one, hang over a Steamer but be sure to keep the Tulle moving & use your finger to “comb” through the piece as you go.

b. IRON – Use on a VERY low heat, make sure the Tulle pieces are covered with a piece of fabric or else there is a danger they will melt!

c. HAIRDRYER – Use on a low heat setting and make sure you keep the hairdryer moving whilst using your finger to comb through & straighten the Tulle as you go!

d. WRINKLE RELEASE SPRAY – In a pump spray bottle, mix equal parts water & fabric softener (I use Fairy, as it’s the most skin friendly). To this, add a generous squirt of Baby lotion & shake well to mix. When required, spray a few quick squirts onto your Tutu & then comb through with your fingers. Repeat all the way round your Tutu!

If you are unsure or really stuck, please get in touch & I will do everything I can to guide you through the best way to get your Tutu back to its beautiful best!

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  1. Isobel Craig
    15 April, 2015 at 10:01 am (4 years ago)


    My daughter has a dance show on 8th May and I have to provide a Katy Perry inspired costume. Not sure if I have left it too late to have one made but if not could you please let me know if this is something you could do?

    I was thinking of going with the roar theme.



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